Welcome to the IEEE Communications Society Taipei Chapter

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., popularly known as IEEE, is a leading authority in technical areas ranging from computer engineering, biomedical technology and telecommunications, to electric power, aerospace and consumer electronics, among others. It is a global organization consisting of nearly 300 local Sections and 1,150 technical Chapters spread through ten regions of the world.

The IEEE Taipei Section was established in 1974. There are over 2500 active members in the year 2002. 21 Chapters have been formed. The Information Theory Society (ITSOC), the Communications Society (COMSOC) Taipei chapter and Tainan Chapter are three of them. There are two workshops called “Information Theory and Communications Workshop” regularly held each year, one at spring and one at fall. These two workshops are jointly supported by COMSOC Taipei chapter, Tainan chapter and ITSOC Taipei chapter and are good opportunities for members to share the information of new technologies and to meet other members. With the growing strength of communications related industry in Taiwan recently, the members of COMSOC Taipei chapter increases rapidly. Currently, there are about 600 members. Beginning from 2004, some members in COMSOC Taipei chapter were split off to form COMSOC Tainan chapter. However, some activities will still be jointly supported by both chapters. ITSOC now has about 50 members.